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Specification of the Sunbeam Alpine Series 5

Engine: Four cylinder unit with five-bearing crankshaft, aluminium cylinder head and push rod operated inclined overhead valves. Twin Zenith/Stromberg 150 CD carburettors. Four rubber mountings absorb vibration. Sealed crankcase ventilation. Oil cooler.

Engine Bore and Stroke: 3.21 in. x 3.25 in. (81.5 mm. x 82.55 mm.).

Cubic capacity: 105.2 cu. in. (1,725 c.c).
   Engine develops maximum b.h.p. 100 at 5,500 r.p.m. and maximum torque 110.2 lb. ft. at 3,700 r.p.m. Compression ratio 9.2 : 1

Ignition: Coil and distributer. Centrifugal and vacuum control of ignition timing. Champion N9Y sparking plugs.

Cooling system: Centrifugal pump and four bladed fan. Thermostatic control for quick warm up. Vertical flow radiator, with header tank.

Clutch: 7 1/2 in. Borg and Beck diaphragm, strap drive. Hydraulic operation from pendant pedal.

Gearbox: Four forward speeds and reverse with control ring synchromesh on all forward gears. Short centre-floor gear lever.

Rear axle: Semi-floating design, with hypoid final drive. Axle ratio is 3.89 : 1.
Overall ratios: Top 3.89 : 1, third 5.04 : 1, second 7.75 : 1, first 12.141 : 1, reverse 12.923 : 1.

Cutaway Unitary construction of chassis and body includes an 'X' bracing and gives exceptional strength and rigidity with light weight and low centre of gravity.

Front suspension: Fully independent front wheel suspension employing silico-manganese coil springs and swinging links. Telescopic shock absorbers housed down the centre of the coil springs. A torsion bar sway eliminator is fitted between the suspension lower links. All greasing points have been eliminated.

Rear suspension: Semi-elliptic leaf springs. Direct acting telescopic shock absorbers maintain complete control.

Steering: Burman recirculating ball type with three-piece symmetrical track rod linkage. No greasing points. Steering wheel is 2 1/2 in. 'telescopic' adjustment, has two sprung spokes and chromium plated horn ring (G.T. Model, wood rim wheel).

Brakes: Girling 9.85 in. diameter disk brakes front, and 9 in. diameter brake drums rear having a total swept area of 295 sq. in. Handbrake operates mechanically on the rear wheels, the lever being at the side of the driver's seat.

Petrol tanks: 11 1/4 gallon capacity positioned in rear wings.

Inside Wheels: Five pressed steel wheels with cooling apertures, four fitted with polished nave plates and wheel trims. Spare wheel housed vertically in luggage compartment.

Tyres: 6.00 x 13 in. Dunlop nylon cord tubeless.

Electrical system: 12 volt 38 amp. hour battery housed under the occasional seat. Starter operated through solenoid from switch on facia; 35 amp alternator; two powerful double dip headlights with foot dimmer control; separate sidelamps; built in twin stop/tail lamps and reflectors; self-cancelling flashing indicators controlled by lever on steering column which incorporates headlamp flasher; also map light.

Equipment: Twin wind-tone horns, two speed windscreen wipers; screen washers; warning lights for ignition, main beam, direction indicators, speedometer with trip and mileage recorders, revolution counter, oil gauge, water temperature gauge and fuel gauge, anchorages for safety belts, passenger's grab handle, ventilation system. (G.T. model with heater, carpeted floor, sun visors and door operated courtesy lights as standard.)

Overdrive unit: (Available at extra cost). For those owners wishing to enhance the degree of pleasure to be derived from the Sunbeam Alpine, a Laycock-de Normanville overdrive is available. It is designed for use in top and third gears and is operated in conjunction with a final drive ratio of 4.22 : 1. As this unit is fitted during production, it must be specified at the time of placing your order.

Green Alpine
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WEIGHTS (approx.)

Sports tourer
Unladen (with petrol and water)
19 cwt. 2 qr. 4 lb.r


British Racing GreenBlack upholstery Mediterranean BlueBlack upholstery
Carnival RedBlack upholstery Midnight BlueBlue upholstery
Jet BlackTan upholstery Jet BlackRed upholstery
Arctic WhiteBlack upholstery Arctic WhiteRed upholstery

All Soft tops are Black. G.T. models have Hard tops in matching body colour. Hard tops are also available in Black if ordered as a special accessory.

Optional extras: The following optional extras are available ex-factory at extra cost and can only be specified at the time of placing the order. Overdrive; Hard Top for Sports Tourer; White-wall tyres; Road Speed tyres;, Road Speed White-wall tyres; Laminated windscreen.
Special accessories:
(Available at extra cost)
An easily fitted Hard Top (Black only), and Tonneau Cover are available for Sports Tourer, also Heater. A very full and attractive range of Optional Accessories, including Smith's Radiomobile; reversing lights, clock, cigarette lighter, safety belts, etc., also available. Full details may be obtained from your Rootes Dealer.

Blue Alpine
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White Alpine
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