ROMAC Car Keys
A Selection of ROMAC Car Keys.
Accu Spark.
Hemel Hempstead, UK.
Modern ignition systems for classic cars.
P.D. Gough & Company Ltd.
Nottingham, UK.
P.D. Gough & Company Ltd. are manufacturers of the highest quality type 304 18g Austenitic Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems
and Manifolds for collectable, classic, high performance and modern day cars.
Woolies Trim
Peterborough, UK.
Trim, Upholstery and Fittings for vintage and Classic cars.
Quickfit Safety Belt Service
Middlesex, UK.
Run by Stuart Quick since the early 1980ís, we have been reproducing and fitting seat belts to the original specifications
of those manufactured during the 1960ís and early 1970ís for classic cars, and manufacture seat belts to modern
specifications too, covering all ages and types of vehicles.
J D O Instruments
Keighley, UK.
Classic Car Instrument Repairs.
Speedograph Richfield Ltd
Nottingham, UK.
Automotive instrumentation and accessory expertise.
Speedy Spares Services - (Sceptres),
Speedy Spares Services - (Others)
Sussex, UK.
They have an extensive range of parts for all Rootes vehicles.
Excellent 1 day delivery and very helpful and knowledgeable. Especially the woman called Sarah. - (djnippa)
Collectors Car Parts
Middlesex, UK.
A motor factor with a lot of new old stock from the 50's, 60's and 70's only. As seen on Car S.O.S for the Cortina Exhaust.

Engine components, Brakes, suspension, steering, shock absorbers, cables, cooling, windscreens, electrical components,
Clutch Kits (£4), Clutch Master Cylinder (£48), Sills (£40 ), gaskets, speedo cable (£14), Brake pads (£25),
Shocks (£25 each). All + VAT.

Stainless and mild Exhausts and Tyres - coming soon.
He actually bought out Classic Exhausts. All their jigs and piping, and is moving to new larger premises in 4-8 weeks,
and will be ready to make exhausts. - (April 2014 - djnippa)

Greenwood Auto UK,
AVP Automotive
Middlesex, UK.
Ebay shop. Select parts available, but the best and cheapest price around.
They slaughter everyone price wise by as much as 60% on some items.
All parts are either original, German or Iranian (manufactured for the popular Hillman Arrow and Khodro Paykan -
which are still driven by many people), so the parts are good. - (djnippa)
Sunbeam-Alpine West Midlands
Redditch, UK.
They have an extensive range, including panels for Sceptre Mk1 and Mk2's.
Very difficult to get hold of, and I often deal with them using text messages to Sue.
On a number of occasions the wrong parts have been delivered, and they take a few extra days to deliver.
Can also be very expensive, but they have many items that the others do not have. - (djnippa)
FW Thornton
Telford, UK
The best place for Pistons, and good for all other original engine parts.
Parts are the most expensive, but they are all original.
Great service, and very knowledgable on all Rootes cars. - (djnippa)
Rootes Parts
A few select but very usable parts like new door handles,
new steering wheels and shatterproof windscreens. - (djnippa)
Nottingham, UK.
Specialists in complete wiring harnesses. - (djnippa)
Sunbeam Specialists
California, USA.
Click on the Catalog in the menu, it takes a while to upload, but it has every single part for Sunbeams,
many of which are exactly the same as the Sceptre MK1, MK2 and MK3. - (djnippa)
Joes Restoration Rescue
Pennsylvania, USA.
Just a couple of items, but superb quality. Timing chain covers and a non-leaking timing pulley. - (djnippa)
Coasting Ltd
Warwickshire, UK.
Original Clutch Slave and Masters Cylinders only. - (djnippa)
Ebay Great place for various new, but more often than not used, and unusual hard-to-find
exterior and even rarer interior components.. - (djnippa)
Other Motor Factors Items like Fan Belts, thermostats, radiator caps, are still available at most good motor factors. - (djnippa)