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Specification of the Humber Sceptre MK 1

Four cylinder unit with push rod operated overhead valves incorporating large diameter inlet valves. New Solex compound carburettor with dry filter air cleaner. Light alloy induction manifold.
Bore and Stroke: 3.21 in. x 3.0 in. (81.5 mm. x 76.2 mm.).
Cubic capacity: 97.2 cu. in. (1,592 c.c.).
Engine develops maximum b.h.p. 84 at 5,000 r.p.m.
Maximum torque 91 lb. ft. at 3,500 r.p.m.
Compression ratio 9.1 : 1

Coil and distributer, automatic advance and retard and vacuum control. K.L.G. FE75 sparking plugs.

Cooling system:
Centrifugal pump and four-bladed fan. Special selective cooling by jets on hottest parts.
Thermostatic control for quick warm-up.

8 in. Borg and Beck diaphragm strap-drive clutch. Hydraulic operation from pendant pedal.

Proved four-speed gearbox, control ring synchromesh on top, third and second gears, and centre-floor gear change lever. Laycock-de Normanville overdrive standard equipment on top and third gears with self-cancelling switch.

  • Elegant Modern Styling, with long, low lines.
  • Luxurious Interior, beautifully appointed.
  • Spacious Seating, contoured for comfort.
  • Individual Front Seats, independently adjustable.
  • Powerful 1.6 litre Engine for sportsmanlike performance.
  • Self-Cancelling Overdrive on top and third gears.
  • Front Disk Brakes and servo-assisted braking.
  • Full Range of Instruments, rally type controls, stylish
    console panel.
  • Efficient Suspension System for masterly ride.
  • Minimum Maintenance - all greasing points eliminated.
  • Dual Headlights for safe night driving. Amber flashers.
  • Wide-Opening Doors and childproof locks.
  • Built-in Heating and Ventilation, standard.
  • Wrap-Over Front Screen, wrapped-round rear screen
    for maximum visibility.
  • Padded Grab Rail, Facia Deck and Sun Visors for safety.
  • Capacious Luggage Compartment, 16 cubic feet capacity.
  • High-Efficiency Steering Unit for precision control.
  • Strong Unitary Construction for all round safety.

Rear axle:
Semi-floating design with hypoid final drive, ratio 4.22 : 1. Overall ratios: Overdrive top 3.389, top 4.22, Overdrive third 4.717, third 5.877, second 9.038, first 14.128, reverse 17.896.

Unitary construction
of chassis and body gives exceptional strength and rigidity, with low floor and deep rear foot wells. Underframe treated for sound deadening.

Front suspension:
Fully-independent employing coil springs and swinging links. Suspension control by Armstrong telescopic shock absorbers housed neatly down the centre of each coil spring. A torsion bar sway eliminator is fitted between lower links to assist ride control. There are no greasing points.

Rear suspension:
Semi-elliptic leaf springs with Armstrong double acting telescopic shock absorbers maintain adequate control under all conditions.

Pressed steel wheels with ventilation slots and wide base rims. Wheels are embellished with chrome nave plates and wheel trim discs as standard. Spare wheel is housed in a cradle below luggage compartment.

Dunlop tubeless low profile nylon cord, 6.00 x 13 in..

Lockheed 10.3 in. diameter disk brakes at front, and 9 in. diameter drum brakes at rear. Vacuum servo-assisted requiring light pedal pressure. Handbrake at driver's side, operates independently through cable system on rear wheels.

Burman re-circulating ball type. Three-piece symmetrical track-rod linkage, with nylon inserts and sealed ball joints to eliminate lubrication points. Two spoke, 16 ins. diameter steering wheel with chromium horn ring.

Petrol tanks:
10 1/2 gallon capacity, positioned in the left hand rear wing. Concealed filler on top of wing.

Speedometer including mileage and trip recorder, revolution counter, water temperature gauge, ammeter, fuel and oil gauges and warning lights for headlamp main beam, ignition, flashing indicators and for overdrive,

Standard Equipment:
Heater and ventilation system, screenwasher, clock, cigarette lighter, padded interior sun visors, arm-rests on passenger doors, overriders, headlamp flasher, childproof door locks, boot floor carpet, reversing lamps, amber flashing indicators, and overdrive unit.

Main Dimensions:
Overall Length 13ft. 9 1/2ins. Overall Width 5ft. 3 1/4 ins. Overall Height 4ft. 9ins.


Velvet Green, Sage Green Green upholstery Quartz Blue Metallic, Moonstone Azure Blue upholstery
Solent Blue Metallic, Moonstone Pearl Grey upholstery Pippin Red, Pearl Grey Regency Beige upholstery
Moonstone, Quartz Blue Metallic Azure Blue upholstery - -

Quartz Blue Metallic Azure Blue upholstery Bronze Metallic Rich Beige upholstery
Solent Blue Metallic Pearl Grey upholstery Pippin Red Black upholstery
Goodwood Green Metallic Black upholstery - -

WEIGHTS (approx.)

Unladen (with petrol and water) 1 ton 2 cwt. 0 qr. 13 lb.
Dry (without petrol and water) 1 ton 1 cwt. 1 qr. 3 lb.

Optional extras: (The following optional extras are available ex-factory at extra cost and can only be specified at the time of placing the order).
White-wall tyres.

Special accessories: (available at extra cost).
A very full and attractive range of accessories is available including Smith's Radiomobile, Ekco or Pye Radio, safety belts, etc. Full details may be obtained from your Rootes Dealer.

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