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Specification of the Humber Sceptre Mk2 1725cc

The Humber Sceptre has established a reputation as the most luxurious and superbly-equipped car in its class.
Now a new and improved 1,725 c.c. engine brings more powerful sports performance - with overdrive as standard, or fully-automatic transmission as an extra. New features also include striking frontal styling, smart interior trim, with additional driving refinements and luxury appointments.
This new Humber Sceptre is a prestige car of quality, finely-engineered, reliable and economical and magnificent value at a modest price.

Engine: POWERFUL NEW 1,725 c.c. o.h.v. ENGINE - 5-bearing crankshaft, smoother, silent running.
Greater power, smoother running, improved all-round performance. The new Humber Sceptre engine adds these advantages to exciting sports performance.
Of advanced 'square' design, the high-precision '1725' has been thoroughly proved for efficiency, reliability and economy. A 5-bearing crankshaft ensures smooth and silent running at all speeds.

Advanced features

Advanced features
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Steering column has adjustment of 2 1/2 inches. Adjustment is quick and simple. Loosen wheel by turning centre boss. Set wheel to the most comfortable distance. Then lock in position, by reverse turn of boss. A complete built-in heating and ventilating system is standard equipment. Warm or cool air can be directed towards the rear compartment. A clock is fitted as standard, and provision is also made for radio as an extra. With automatic transmission, an extra, the gear lever is replaced by a console-mounted selector lever. Gear-changing is entirely automatic.
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Dual headlamps, now more powerful. Clear, dazzle-free illumination, with choice of long or short range beams. Safe night driving. Swivelling quarter-lights in the rear compartment can be adjusted for draughtless ventilation. They can be securely fastened. Overdrive on top and third gears, standard equipment, is operated by a switch on steering column.

Grille Trunk
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